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The installation is make through a single WSP file. To be easier, a config file is included to use with the Sharepoint Solution Installer from CodePlex.
Just copy the executable, config file and wsp to your server and launch the setup.

Setting-up the feature

In order to start using the feature, it´s necessary to active it on each site.

After the feature is actived, go to the desired picture library. At this time the library should display a new item in the settings menu, as shown in the picture below.

Clicking on this option should display the page settings for the library, as shown on the picture below.

The steps to configure the feature are:

  1. Active the feature for the picture library by checking the "Enable Image Resizer" checkbox.
  2. Enter the maximum size for the uploaded pictures.
  3. Choose the behavior for the resize process:
    1. Fixed size: the picture is resized to the exact size entered in the previous step.
    2. Resize proportional: the picture is resized to fit on a box defined by the size entered in the previous step.
  4. Choose when the files are processed:
    1. Immediate: the resize start immediately after x hours and y minutes after the upload.
    2. Daily: the picture library is processed daily, at a specific time .
    3. Weekly: the picture library is processed weekly, at a specific time.
    4. Monthly: the picture library is processed monthly, at a specific time.
  5. Apply the changes.

Some notes:

  • The immediate mode, is the only one that process pictures individually, the rest of them are scoped to the entire library.
  • Applying this feature on a picture library will resize existing pictures, not only the newly uploaded ones ( only when using the daily, weekly, or monthly mode).
  • In some cases, with the immediate mode selected, uploading a picture can throw an exception like: "The file … has been modified by … on …" (check this link for a nice explanation).  To avoid this, delay the processing of the image for a couple of minutes, to give time to the user to fill the image properties.
  • The user who´s running the App Pool must have privileges on the SharePoint configuration database.


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