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Why to use this project?

Picture libraries in SharePoint are specific libraries dedicated to store pictures. They provide extra features to manage and display pictures, comparing with standard document libraries.

Because end users can freely upload pictures, the size of this kind of libraries can become very high.

They are some approaches to overcome this issue:

  • Limit the maxium upload size : because this configuration is make at web application level, all libraries are affected;
  • Javascript tweak: check the file size at the upload form, and deny oversized pictures; this method don´t work in the explorer view mode.


Use this solution. :)

Project Description

Activating this feature on a picture library allows to create unique custom policies, these policies make possible to automatically resize pictures based on user defined rules.

A policy is defined by:

  • Mode: defines the behavior for resizing;
  • Size: defines the max size;
  • Schedule: defines when the pictures are resized.

For more information go to the documentation page.

 Source Code

What you can expect from the code:

  • Structured code;
  • Comments all over the place;
  • Model View Presenter pattern.

The project template used to develop the component is SPVisualDev and can be downloaded here.

  • WSS 3.0. or SharePoint 2007;


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